If you are not satisfied with the lighting output of your current fixture then switch to T8 4ft 20W LED Tube to get the better lighting output to your space. With the ballast compatibility, you can install this tube easily to your old ballast.

It tube has far better features and lighting quality than the fluorescent tubes. If we compare both the fixtures then LED tube would be better because of its superb features.

Features of T8 4ft 20W LED Tube

-> It is an excellent and energy-efficient substitute for fluorescent tube
-> Its rugged construction makes this tube corrosion and zink free
-> Illuminate the space cool white light (6500K) tint
-> 120-degree directional lighting output
-> It has typically longer lifespan of 50,000 hours with doesn’t costly maintenance
-> It instantly starts at the moment when you turn it on without letting you want even for a second
-> It doesn’t heat up after the long working hour

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For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/ballast-compatible-t8-4ft-22w-2row-led-tube-3000-lumens-6500k-clear-cover
Austin, Appliances, USD 8 / Ballast Compatible T8 4ft 20W LED Tube 3000 Lumens 6500K Clear