Ramadan Special Offer.

As Salam alikum wr.wb

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,

We have a Great offers for our customers in the last Days of Ramadan Now with 50 to 60 % Discount and also some other offers with buy one and get one free ,,,,

Beautiful Gift Box with 3 Pieces of Ladies and Gents Perfumes with Wooden Gift Box only in 90 SR.

Beautiful Arabian Perfumes Box For 2 Pieces Male And Female Only in 80 SR.

(((((((((((((((((((((((BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ))))))))))))))))))))))))

**************************** HAPPY RAMADAN ***********************************

We have a offer in our shop to Buy any Concentrated Perfume Oil from our shop and get a same perfume Free. This offer is very good to buy a Gifts For your Beloved ones in your Country and also for Umra Pilgrims and Regular Customers.

We have many kinds of Perfumes and Auters without Alcohol , and Gift Packs , such as

Arabian Perfumes

1. Dahun al Oud ( Camboudi, Indian, and Malaysian)

2. Shamatul Amber

3. Khas

4. Musk al kaba

5. Musk al Ghazal

6. Musk al Nukbah ( For Body)

7. Musk Makkah

8. Rose ( Taifi, Istanbouli, and Almani) 9. Mukhalt Maliki From uae

10.Mukhalat Oud Amber From India

11.Mukhalat Khashka From uae

12.Mukhalat al Arais From uae

13.Mukhalat al Badar From uae

14.Mukhalat al Raqi

15.Mukhalat shaikah

16.Mukhalat Jazour al Oud

17.White Musk


19.Zahour al Reaf

20.Dalah Bannat

21.Duwaa Al Jannah

22.Jannat al Firdous Original

23.Sultan Al Autur

French Perfume oils

1. Givenchy Blue

2. Escada

3. Pandora

4. Eternity

5. Kourus

6. Escape

7. Tooth Bari

8. Cred Silver

9. Senchewal



These all Perfumes is in Concentrated form in Our shop, but if any customer need so we can make it like a Spray form in 50 ml or 100 ml Bottles within 5 Minutes. also we have many kinds of


1. Bakhoor Alwani

2. Bakhoor Banafa

3. Bakhoor al Nukhbah 4. Bakhoor al Haram

5. Bakhoor al Janadaria

6. Bakhoor al Waleed

7. Bakhoor Bustan

8. Mamoul Dosery

9. Bakhoor Emarati

10 Bakhoor Maliki and also we have many kinds of Gift Packs with Crystal Bottles and with Packing, all our items are very Reasonable price with Good Quality 100%.

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.Cell # 0507276995