FCV-M Series Flow Control Valves are controlled by an external PID controller using an accompanying driver unit. Valve position is controlled and continuously monitored by the PID controller with a 4–20 mA or DC signal.
> Direct control of flow or temperature from your PID controller with 4–20 mA, 1–5 VDC or 1–10 VDC
> Select flow limits from 10.4 to 133 LPM / 2.8 to 35 GPM
> Liquid temperatures from -40 to 130 °C / -40 to 266 °F
> Usable to 1.0 MPa / 145 psi
> Compatible with water, Galden®, Fluorinert™ and other advanced heat transfer fluids
> Connect directly to Tofpine configurable manifolds

For more info, https://proteusind.com/product/fcvm-series-flow-control-valves/
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