While throwing house parties at the backyards of the home, the first and the foremost things that bothers all of us are the lack of proper lights at the gardens or backyards that can result in spoiling the party fun manifolds. But if you want to make your personal garden more attractive for all the parties and functions that are admired by your loved ones, then you can use LED Flood Light to please all your guest and relatives.

Benefits of using LED flood light are as follows:

• On an average, a 30w LED flood light produces 3600 lumens with color temperature of 5700 that is the perfect way to brighten the corner areas as well.
• These LED flood lights are energy efficient lights and by replacing a 200w MH light with this a 30W flood LED light you can actually make great savings.
• These flood lights come with IP 65 water proof rating and are ideal to use at the outer places in the difficult and challenging weather as well.
• Once purchased, you can enjoy 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty on buying these LED flood lights in addition to 30 days return guarantee from the manufacturer.
• These lights are UL and DLC certified

So install these LED flood lights at the outside places of your homes and make those house parties more welcoming and attracting in an eco-friendly and pocket friendly way.

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