An LED Corn Bulb is one of those outdoor LED lighting products offered by LEDMyplace that can be used for retail outlets, parking lots, streets, factories, warehouses, garages, workshops, hospitals, street, etc. Our recent study on commercial and industrial users suggests that there is an intense and unsaid need for 360-degree lighting in the area of commercial farming and horticulture.

To get you a deeper insight into LED Corn Bulb 100W, we present here brief know-how on the same.

The features of LED Corn Bulb 100W are:

• A beam angle of 360° not only helps you to achieve tasks with precision but allows your customers to view any product in a better way.

• Such kind of lighting means lighting spread over a larger area and that means -- faster cooling of the corn bulb and a longer life expectancy.

• One of the qualities that any outdoor light fixture must have is - adequate protection from dust, bugs and moisture - and which an LED Corn Bulb has, is rated IP64.

• CRI of 80+ enables objects and spaces to look real up to 80% precision.

This product comes with an E39 base and is ETL Energy Star approved the listed product.

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