While buying the LED downlights, the users can enjoy the flexibility of various different designs in which these downlights are available and hence you can arrange the interior lighting exactly the way you want. Also while using these downlights LED you can reduce the overall electricity bills as well and with making the interiors look more attractive.
Among many downlights, you can use 5/6’’ eyeball dimmable LED downlights that have the movement of an eyeball making this a unique feature that provides uniform lighting.
Advantages of 5/6’’ eyeball LED downlights

•These 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights deliver 1000 lumens and this downlight can be replaced with 100W of any halogen light.
•The light emitted by these dimmable downlights is even and uniform, also the color temperature of these 15w eyeball downlights are 3000k and 5000k suitable for homes as well as for the offices.
•These downlights are fully compatible with most dimmers that are available in the market, also use these lights without experiencing any delay and buzzing noise as well.
•Once purchased, you can use these lights for more than 50,000 hours which is much higher than the normal halogen downlights.
•Also, these 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights are environment-friendly lights and are safe for the environment as well as for the humans.
•Get 5 Year of Warranty from the manufacturer’s end on buying these energy-efficient lights.
•Also, have higher CRI of more than 90 which means that these lights are good for retail or any other commercial application where you need to highlight the displayed merchandise.

So use these LED downlights at the commercial or residential places as these lights use only a fraction of the energy as compared to the traditional lighting fixtures and replacing them with the existing lights will result in dramatic energy savings.

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