Get the free shipping by purchasing 2- pack of 2x4 LED Panel Lights. From the wide range of indoor fixtures, you can order your ideal 2x4 LED ceiling light which can easily installed to the ceiling. With the unique slim and sleek design, make your indoor space alluring.

Shop this diva looking light source at LEDMyplace and experience the smooth illumination without visible bulbs and tubes. LEDMyplace manufactures the LED fixtures that fulfill the lighting desires. Our most recent research specifies that most of the commercial and residential space has switched to panel lights.

Discover the features of 2x4 LED Panel Lights

• Energy saving ceiling lights
• High lumen output
• Longer lifespan
• 120-degree beam angle
• Color rendering index
• Dimmable LED Panel lights
• Low-cost maintenance
• Leave no dark spot
• Instant on without any flicker
• Premium LED Chips
• IP44 rated make this fixture dustproof and water resistance
• Consume lesser energy than other traditional light sources

Get more info about the 2x4 LED panel Lights at the official site of LEDMyplace and get the discount offer as well. Don’t forget to consult with our customer execution service.

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