The LED flood lights are far more efficient in terms of generating light than any other methods of lighting and whether you require lights for the outdoor area at your commercial or residential purposes including office buildings, warehouses, or even the private garden of yours, these lights can cater to all your lighting needs. If you want to make your personal garden more attractive for all those parties and functions, you can use a 30w LED flood light to please all your guest and relatives.

Advantages of using a 30w LED flood light are as follows:

• This lighting fixture can provide a lumen up to 3600 that will reduce the dark spots even the corners as well; also the color temperature of 5700 is perfect to brighten the bigger area.
• You can replace a 200w MH light with this 30W LED flood light and can make great savings.
• The IP 65 waterproof rating make these lights more suitable to be used even in the harsh weather as well, also dislike the fluorescent lights, these LEDs will stay cooler.
• You can enjoy 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty on buying these 30w LED flood lights along with 30 days return guarantee from the manufacturer.
• UL and DLC certified

So install these lights for the outdoor lighting requirement and illuminate the surrounding by reducing the light pollution as well.

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