Crossbond MDHMR board is an incredibly versatile panel, with maximum density, used extensively throughout the construction and furniture industries, for interior applications that may be subject to occasional wetness or humidity. MDHMR Boards are easy to use as they provide effortless machining capability and consistent surface quality. MDHMR boards are designed for interior applications ranging from Kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards, shelving or any situation where moisture resistance is required. Due to board density higher than 850 kg/m3 accurate routing is easily possible on MDHMR board.

WHY Crossbond MDHMR?

Crossbond MDHMR board is highly moisture resistant due to the bonding of hardwood particles with a special moisture-resistant resin system for use in areas of high humidity or areas where occasional wetness may occur. MDHMR contains more densely pressed wood fiber than MDF Board, thereby making it more durable. Engineered chemicals are added to make MDHMR borer, fungus and termite resistant. Additionally, prelaminated MDHMR comes in a variety of designs and surfaces.