Express Entry Program in 2019:
The Express Entry Program since its launch in 2015, has continuously been updated to introduce timely improvements and enhancements. It has been acknowledged as one of the fairest and unbiased immigration system of the world.

Designed to direct the Canadian economy towards growth and assist the applicants with the best pay scale and highest living standards, this program has proven to be beneficial for the Canadian nation as well as the international applicants.

Express Entry Draw Invitation:
Each invitation round, during which the candidates from the Express Entry Pool are sent the invitation to apply (ITA) has its own set of instructions that are:
• Posted online during the invitation round
• Used by the Express Entry Program to shortlist candidates from the pool to whom the ITA is to be sent
These instructions necessarily include :

• The date and time details of the invitation round
• The number of candidates who will be sent the ITA in the invitation round
• List of immigration programs that are included in the invitation round. For instance, in some cases the invitation rounds are open for candidates applying via a particular program only like an invitation round may only consider candidates applying from “Federal Skilled Trades” program only while others shall automatically be skipped for this invitation round