Built in 1694, the Lama Temple is located in the northeast of Beijing. It was built as a mansion by Kangxi, the second emperor of Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), for his son Yongzheng who is the third emperor. With yellow tiles and red walls, the Lama Temple has the same standard with Forbidden City. The mansion turned into a temple of Buddhism in 1744. The Lama Temple is reputed as the Buddhist temple of the highest standard in China. Lama Temple is formed by the archway, the Heavenly Guardian Hall, the Hall of Mahavira, the Hall of Eternal Blessing, the Hall of Dharma Wheel and Wanfu Hall with compound halls in the east and west. As the courtyard of the temple becomes smaller from south to north, the hall becomes taller which represent the features of ethical architectures. Besides the layout of the temple and the majestic decorations of the halls, the unique Buddhist relics in the temple are also worth to see. Lama Temple is regarded as the Buddhist Mu-seum. Dalai and Panchen Lama who are the two living Buddha in Tibet once propagandized in the temple. As a religion stage, Lama Temple has its significant position in the aspects of religion, cul-ture and national unity. It is a cultural relic in value of history, art and science.

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