The LED strip lights are the flexible circuit board that can be easily fixed almost anywhere and you can make the area more powerful by ensuring maximum lighting that can enhance the overall ambiance of the place manifolds. You can use these strip lights at many places including bathrooms, cabinet, kitchens, hotels, bars or for highlighting the displayed merchandise as well. Among various Outdoor LED Strip Lights, you can use white colored strips at the indoor commercial or residential purposes.

The advantages of using these LED strip lights are as follows:

•These LED strip lights are available in 101.68W whose color temperature is 3000k, 4000k and 5000k so that you can use them according to the indoor ambiance.
•With IP20 rating, these strip lights are designed to work at its best at the indoor condition.
•The product contains 224 LEDs per meter with an input voltage of 24VDC that is perfect to lighten the indoor places including cabinets, under-cabinets, windows, etc.
•This 12VDC LED strip light with efficient LEDs sitting on a wide circuit board of 16.4ft in length can produce 14,415.60 lumens.
•Comes with a total lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, these LED strip lights will provide hassle-free lighting with no or minimal lumen depreciation till the end of hours.

So use these dimmable LED strip lights to lighten the indoor places with easy peel and stick installing process.

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