Sometimes smaller is more powerful than the huge and bulky lights in a cost saving way without compromising on the quality of lighting at all. You can use sun’ light rays to glorify the environment by using a 5W Solar LED Wall Pack that utilizes solar energy for emission of lights.

Benefits of using a 5w solar LED wall pack light are as follows:-

• The sun’ light rays hits the solar panel, the in-built battery gets fully charged that can be used at the nights to lighten the surrounding.
• These 5w solar LED wall packs have solar controller that turns the lights on and off automatically. The color temperature of these solar lights is 5700K that emits daywhite light color making it suitable for the outdoor security lighting purposes.
• The lights rays that are emitted by these 5w solar LED wall packs does not contain harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead that can cause toxicity to the environment.
• You can easily install these lights at the outer areas with the help of a supportive bracket or arm for holding the lighting fixture in a certain position.

So replace the existing 60w MH light with this 5w solar LED wall pack and make 100% energy savings, also these solar lights are DLC rated and are eligible for the rebates as well.

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