The outdoor playgrounds are the areas where maximum brightness is required so that the sports person can show their amazing performance to a larger number of audience who have gathered to see the game. The lack of adequate lights at the playgrounds can result in lower performance of sportsperson and even the audience will not be able to see the match, so it is important to use best outdoor lights that can make the place more visible.

There are many kind of lights available in the market but to experience lighting difference, you can use a LED flood light 300w so that the participants can play the efficiently and in a passionate way.

• This outdoor LED flood light 300w features the latest and the superior lighting technology that can provide lighting results for longer period of time. Once installed, these lights can work for at least 50,000 hours.
• Also these slim and stylish designed LED flood lights come with UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approval that provide maximum lighting results. Due to the DLC certification, you can get eligible rebates from many power companies.
• A 300w flood light LED emits 40,521 lumens and also the color Temperature is 5700K that looks more appealing to the eyes. Replace a 1000w MH lights with this LED flood light 300w and make great savings.
• In addition to just playgrounds, you can use this LED flood light 300w at many other places including supermarkets, convenience stores, parking lots, gas stations, warehouses etc.

Make the playgrounds look more elegant and visible by installing this LED flood light 300w that will provide maximum brightness also by using these lights, you are protecting the environment from getting damaged as these lights don’t have mercury and halogen inside them that otherwise can damage the environment.

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