Selecting the best outdoor lights is a prerequisite to have wonderful lighting experience during the nights so that the drivers and people using the roads during late nights can stay protected and alert. Among various lights, you can use LED solar light set that uses LED and solar lighting in a combined way to illuminate the environment in an eco-friendly way. Among various types of lights, you can use a 20 watt LED solar street light set that that works with a 50W solar panel to change solar energy into light energy which is 100% savings in energy and can be used during the nights to illuminate the surroundings.

Other benefits of using this 20 watts LED solar street light set are as follows:

•The lumen output of this 20 watts LED solar street light set is more than the conventional lights and by using them you can save at least 95% energy savings.
•Comes with a wider beam angle of more than 140 degrees that is used to cover larger and wider areas.
•Also, this 20 watts LED solar street light set distributes uniform and even lighting that is required for the general area or sight lighting purpose.
•With the CRI of more than 80, all the objects that come in the range of these lights look more real and natural.
•Use them for at least 50,000 hours or even more than that.
•The housing of these lamps is a rugged die-cast aluminum alloy that can resist corrosion or any other type of wear and tear as well.
So use this 20 Watt LED solar street light set that can be installed and quickly and most important they can start instantly and don’t require any warm-up or cooling time as well.

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