After the entire day long hectic schedules, we want to relax inside our homes so that we feel can work next day with same passion. The lights installed inside our homes, also play an important role in enhancing our mood and provide a soothing and comfortable environment. Among many LED lighting option, you can install a T8 8ft LED Integrated Tube Light that are much better than the normal lights and will play a significant role in reducing the overall electricity bills as well.

Other advantages of using LED integrated tube are as follows:

• This LED integrated tube come in various different sizes including 2ft, 4ft and 8ft so that you can select the tubes as per your lighting requirement.

• Produce no flicker and humming sound which otherwise are found in case you are using the fluorescent tubes, also use these lights for 50,000 hours or 5.7 years.

• Comes with wider beam angle of 120 degrees that cover larger area.

• Among various LED integrated tube, if you use 60w light that produces 7800 lumens, you can make savings of more than 75%.

• No mercury and halogen is found in these LED lights which otherwise can pollute the environment.

• The heat sink inside these 8ft integrated tube will dissipate any heat that is produced by the tube during its normal running.

• Comes with greater CRI of more than 80 that make objects real and natural.

So use this LED integrated tube that will not only give you energy savings but will also make the place look more ambient with more satisfactory lighting results to people.

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