The color temperature of the LED lights you choose also matters a lot increasing the brightness of the place in a way that it gives a soothing effect to the eyes. While choosing the lights for the outdoor security purpose at your homes, you need to be extra careful as picking the wrong lights can pose a threat to the safety of your loved ones and hence it is advisable to use 55W LED Wall Pack Light.

Specifications of a 55W LED Wall Pack Light are as follows:

• These 55W LED wall pack lights are the perfect replacement to any outdoor light, by using these wall packs you can replace high-intensity sodium potassium bulb of 420 watts and can make your pockets less burdened due to low utility bills.
• The lumen output of these LED wall packs is 7000 lumens with high luminous efficacy of 133 lumens per watt.
• Color Temperature of the lights also play an important role in picking the correct rights, these 55w LED wall pack lights have color temperature of 5000k that produces neutral-daylight perfect for the outdoor security lighting and ambience.
• Offers a beam angle of 100x50 degree with lifespan of close to 6 years that too if kept on for 24 hours a day, they will last for 50,000 hours.
• The heat sink enabled keeps the lights cooler after continuous and long hours of working.

Give your love ones a safer place to relax by choosing these eco-friendly LED wall pack lights for the outdoor security lighting purposes.

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