In this time when the whole world is searching for conservative and smart technology. We provide you the smart LED Solar Light which uses DC power instead of AC. This lighting fixture is highly economical and reliable as it saves up to 100% on your lighting bills.

This Eco-friendly Outdoor LED Solar Light has an efficient controlling system and easy to install. It runs on a highly effective strong Lithium battery which provides energy constantly for 12 hours. This outdoor Lighting fixture is IP67 rated which makes it 100% resistant against water, dust, and sand. So, perfect for any bad weather.

Here are some features about LED Solar Lights-

•Color temperature 5000K-6000K
•C.R.I >80
•Inbuilt surge protection for protection against any thunder or bad weather
50,000 operational hours
•Low maintenance cost
•Rugged die-cast aluminum alloy housing for heat dissipation

This energy-efficient solar light is RoHS and DLC certified and, doesn’t emits any UV or infrared beam which make it completely hazard-free to human beings.

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