Are you looking to upgrade or renovate your commercial or residential space? Are you in need of LED under cabinet lights that can exactly fit your needs? Lights that can last longer and helps you easily see things under the cabinets in the kitchen or living room? Look nowhere other than LEDMyPlace.

You benefit from our LED under cabinet lights in the following ways.

• Some of our LED Under Cabinet Lights come as CCT changeable which means you have the flexibility of changing the light color as per your requirement.

• These lights enable easy viewing of cooking ingredients, kitchen equipment or a recipe book.

• The CRI of 80+ or 90+ allows the objects under cabinets to look real and authentic up to 80% or 90% efficiency when in close comparison to sunlight.

• These under cabinet lights made available with a power cord, linking cable and mounting accessories allow for easy and non-cumbersome installation with no external drivers or wires required.

• These lights being available in slim and sleek designs enables the inside of your cabinets to look elegant and sophisticated.

• Some of these lights are built to last for 35,000 hours, others for 50,000 hours.

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