Wall packs are the most advanced form of lights that are used to generate more amount of energy required to illuminate the environment. You can use a 40W LED Wall Pack Lights at the outside places of your commercial or residential places. Also if you own a factor, these LED wall pack lights will be very beneficial for ensuring maximum safety of the workers or employees.

Advantages of using a 40W LED wall pack lights are as follows:

• The LED wall pack allows you to decrease the power consumption by significant level along with giving your relief from those higher electricity bills.
• Can use these 40W LED wall pack lights for a period of almost 50,000 hours, with reducing repairing costs as well. May last for up to 100,000 hours as well if used for just 50% of the day.
• Comes with an IP Rating making these lights withstand dust and moisture as well.
• The UV or IR radiation can harm the eyesight for the workers, hence by using these 40w LED wall pack lights, you are giving them radiation free lighting.
• Comes with 5 years of warranty along with 24/7 telephonic or web assistance.
• The lumen output of these 40w LED wall pack lights is close to 5341 lumens with color temperature of 5700K that provides neutral white light glow glowing the surrounding with the sufficient lighting.

So upgrade to these LED wall packs and enjoy maximum brightness and save almost 75% of energy at least which can go further up with proper using these lights.

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