If you own a gas station where lot of customers are visiting your place to refill their vehicle’s tank then you need to make sure that the overall ambience is enough bright so that they don’t feel unsecured while visiting your place. For solving the lighting purpose in an eco-friendly way, you can install LED canopy lights over there so that it provides maximum illumination suitable for gas stations.

Among various types of gas stations you can use 45w LED canopy lights that ideal for the business that work 24/7 and require maximum lighting throughout the day and night.

• These 45W LED canopy lights can replace any MH or sodium-potassium light bulb using up to 400w of power thus you can save 250 watts of energy.
• Also the color temperature of these canopy lights is 5700K that provides daylight color temperature thus making it ideal for the outdoor lighting fixture.
• Comes with a 120-degree beam angle that can cater to large spaces, also the heat sink inside these lights eliminates any unwanted heat that is generated during the normal operation of the light bulb.
• Use these canopy lights at the gas stations that starts instantly without wasting your precious time, once installed these lights can work for more than 50,000 hours.
• Comes with a lumen output of 5000 lumens, these 45w LED canopy lights are IP65 rated lights that can withstand dust & moisture as well.
• Get 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty on buying these canopy lights.

So in addition to the numerous above mentioned advantages, these 45w LED canopy lights are UL and DLC certified lights that are eligible for certain rebates & warranties as well thus making the buyers more delighted and happy.

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