You always don’t need to pick those lights that consume more electricity assuming that they might produce more brightness; sometimes even the lights with lesser watts consumption can also brighten the place in an enhanced way. One such kind of light that produces maximum brightness is a 5w Solar LED wall pack light that uses the sun light to illuminate the surroundings in an eco-friendly way.

Benefits of using a 5w solar LED wall pack light are as follows:

• The sunlight when hits the solar panel, the in-built battery gets charged which is used during nights to emit the light rays.
• These automated 5w solar LED wall packs turn on and off automatically in the presence and absence of ambient light.
• The color temperature of these solar lights is 5700K which produces daywhite light color temperature perfect for the outdoor security lighting purposes.
• You can enjoy the lights rays that are radiation free, also they don’t have any harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead that can cause toxicity to the environment.
• The lens of the solar 5w solar LED wall packs are made up of polycarbonate to ensure maximum durability and shatter proofing from any or all kinds of external damages.
• These lights come with an easier installing; you can easily mount them on the wall with the help of a supportive bracket or arm made hold the lighting fixture in a certain position.

So switch to these solar lights that comes with quicker installing as there is no wiring required for these wall packs to emit glow.

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