For the places that are more risky such as Gas stations etc we require those types of lights that are better than the normal lights and don’t heat up easily if used for the longer period of time as well. For the places like gas stations, we can’t afford to compromise on the lighting requirements at all as the poor lights can make the atmosphere riskier thus posing risk on the lives of human beings. Therefore we can use especially designed LED canopy lights for gas stations so that the employees and the customers can enjoy the brightness in a safer way.

Benefits of using LED canopy lights for gas stations are as beneath:

• First of all these LED canopy lights for gas stations are dimmable lights and start instantly while turning them on without flickering or producing any kind of disturbing sound.
• Use these lights for a period of at least 50,000 hours.
• Among various LED canopy lights for gas stations you can use a 45w dimmable LED canopy light whose color temperature is 5700K and produces 5800 lumens.
• Also you can use these LED canopy lights during all kind of weather conditions thanks to its IP65 rating that make these more tough.
• These canopy lights don’t produce any harmful UV rays that otherwise can affect human’s health.
• Also there is no addition of harmful chemicals such as mercury and lead that are dangerous for the surroundings.
• Get 5 years manufacturer’s warranty on buying these lights in addition to 30 days return as well.

So install the UL and DLC certified LED canopy lights for gas stations and make sure that all the employees are working in a safe environment.

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