Every year we pledge to do something different and unique but never thought of making the changes in the lighting system which helps in making environment safer, if the correct lights such as Led tubes are used. Also the lighting we choose to install for the commercial or residential purposes can prevent the nature from getting contaminated and among many tubes, you can use LED Integrated Tube Light T8 the home and office lighting purposes.

Beneath are the advantages of using T8 LED integrated tubes at your place:

• These special designed 8ft t8 LED Integrated tubes can help in reducing the operational cost manifolds and can give you noticable amount of savings.

• By replacing this 60w LED integrated tube with the 160w of normal light you can attract more customers towards your outlets if installed them at the commercial places. The lumen output of this 60w integrated tube is 7200 lumens with colour temperature of 6500kelvin.

• The 180 degree beam angle of these T8 LED integrated tubes will illuminate the bigger places as well.

• Also the Aluminium heat sink inside these tubes will dissipate any heat that is produced during the working of these tubes.

• Use them for at least 50,000 hours without worrying about the wet climatic conditions due to its IP 65 rating.

So this year do something different by using these T8 LED integrated tubes that can protect the environment from getting polluted in addition to giving you more savings.

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