This time rather than buying the LED lights only, buy the combined LED solar street light set that uses the latest form of LED lighting technology along with the renewable source of energy that are much better than the normal lights and will reduce the electricity bills as well. There are various different designs available in the solar light sets ad one among them is 40w solar street LED light set that can increase the outdoor brightness manifolds.

Beneath are the benefits of installing LED solar street light set are as follows:

•The lamp with this LED solar street light set uses 40w of energy and work with 90w solar panel to convert solar energy into light energy. Also the set includes a battery, the solar panel, microwave controller or sensor and a solar lamp that are sufficient enough to brighten the atmosphere.
•The 40w bulb inside this solar street light set uses works with 90w of solar panel to change natural light into light energy in a cost-efficient way.
•This product works for more than 50,000 hours and with the solar panel usually it will last for 15-20 years.
•This LED solar street light set does not require any warm-up time or cooling down to work and hence you can use the lighting instantly.

So use this LED Solar Street Light set rather than wasting your hard earned money and precious money in installing these lights. Also the CRI of more than 80, these lights help in making the objects look more real and natural similar to the way they look in the presence of sunlight.

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