The bright and colorful lights are the best thing we can give to the citizens of our country especially when they need to travel during the late night hours as well. Among various kinds of outdoor lights, only the LED pole light is an ideal way to illuminate the streets, highways, outdoor security areas among many other places where you can risk the lives of the individuals.

Among various designs and colors available in the LED pole lights; one among them is a Black colored 150w LED Pole Light that can illuminate the outdoor areas in a more bright full way.

Advantages of using 150w LED Pole Light:

These Black colored 150w LED pole light can be installed easily and quickly as it is made up of lightweight die-cast aluminum housing that is much superior then the bulky lights.
Use these lights without experiencing any vibration or flickering that otherwise make the environment more disturbed.
Use these lights for more than 50,000 hours without worrying about their damage.
Comes with a lumen output of 21,000 lumens.
By using these Black 150w LED Pole Light you can make savings of more than 80% in your electricity bills as this flood light can be replaced with 450 watts of any other lights.
Also, these pole LED lights are eco-friendly lights and don’t have lead, mercury or other contaminants inside them.
Comes with an IP 65 rated and DLC certification that make these lights the most preferred outdoor choice.

So replace those outdated lights with this smart and innovative LED pole light that can give you more savings without compromising on the lighting quality at all.

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