The Wall Pack Lights are the lights that are basically mounted on the exterior walls of buildings to enhance the visibility for the passersby. You can use these LED lights at various places including exterior of your homes, buildings, warehouses etc, you can use a 80w LED wall pack lights at your backyards or parking areas to increase the visibility and enhance the beauty of your place. Benefits of using these LED wall pack lights at your residential areas have many advantages.

► These 80w LED wall pack lights are energy efficient lights and can save the electricity bills by huge amounts, on an average the lumen output of these lights are 10173 with color temperature of 5700K.
► By installing these lights you can save around 170 watts of energy by replacing them with 250w of MH light.
► Come with an Ultra Wide Beam Angle of more than 120 degree
► Once installed, you can use these lights 80w LED wall pack lights for a period of 50,000 hours or 6 years that too if Kept ON for 24 hours a day.
► Comes with a low maintenance as you need any special maintenance and repairing of these lights. Also the installation is very easy.

So install these lights at the entrance of your home and enjoy the brightness of these lights that comes with 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer side.

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