salam o alicom
pakistani sarikhy family that i know well in taif need for a daughter serious man in jeddah or makkah sarikhy or panjabi/ God-fearing /Sunni only/pray 5 time/no smoking /unmarried -never married/age between 33-40 only/good job and salary/very very serious plz/

the girl info is:
high: 155
sunnii or not: suni
Pakistan from: derah gazi khan
saudia from: taif
married or singal: singal
education: 12 class finished
abut: fair .beautiful .ricpict .funny. nice
family: 4 brother 2 sister >fathers is dis.. mom is live thanks god
she is beautiful and nice fair skin and kindly and respectful /masha allah know Languages urdu..sarikhy..arabic..english

plz we need man he should be
very serious
Allah afraid
Not stingy
Beautiful ethics

plz We do not want liars and deceivers man

contact withe me only by email and send your full bio and pic
[email protected]