I am a professional freelance web developer cum web designer based in KSA. I was looking for potential clients whom I can work with.
Checkout self-explanatory video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsKQBh-w6GI

If you are willing I would love to speak with you and see if there is any project you would like to initiate or if you need to upgrade the existing one.
I am capable of adding high value to your project which will result in high traffic on your website, that can lead to more business.
I can provide you my services in following:
-- Web Design & Web Development (Using CMS or Custom Coding)
-- I can provide ready to be deployed Web Applications
1. CRM,
2. Warehouse Management System,
3. POS,
4. Booklean (Software with booking system for cleaner service companies)
5. Restaurant Management System,
6. Project Management System,
7. E-Commerce,
8. Garage Management System,
9. Workshop Management System,
10. Custom PHP Web Application,
11. Email Marketing Portal,
12. SMS Marketing Portal

-- SEO Search Engine Optimization (One time SEO or Long Term SEO)
-- Web Hosting (Managed VPS, Managed Dedicated Server, Managed Shared Hosting with 24/7 support)
-- Web Security (SSL Certificate, Website coding encryption, Website loop holes fixes, Implementing security tactics)

-- Web Analytics (Website Security Check, Website Speed Check, Website Traffic Check, Website flaws and bugs checks, Website Design and Performance Checks)

--Marketing (I can provide you with Email and SMS Marketing Solutions, and Google ADS)
Why me instead of a company?
First of all you will have to spend less money, communication will be fast as it will be involving me only and I will be the only direct contact. Requirements will be clear because there will be no long communication chain as in companies. I can visit and meet personally when required to make things faster and to be on the right track.
Call or WhatsApp me at 0542340179
Still thinking how can you trust a freelancer?
Well, You have a right question. You can inquire from any of the below mentioned clients at the numbers provided in each website.
Latest Work:
http://reyadah-intl.com/ (Uploading to live domain soon)
https://cscl.sa (Banking Solutions Company)
http://www.madi-intl.com (Professional beauty and personal care business)
http://demo.armalgnc.com/ (Uploading Soon – Health product website for a famous brand GNC – Client of a company I deal with on project based)
http://thedome.sa (Sports Event Organizer Company)
http://aoaattorneys.com (Law Firm)
https://cloversonoma.com/ (US Based Dairy Farm)
https://mozn.sa (IT company in Riyadh)
https://www.tendergreens.com (US Based Restaurant)
https://globaljettechnic.com (Aviation Company)
https://bridgerbeef.com (US Based Restaurant)
http://www.galitos.in (India Based Restaurant)
https://seco.net.sa (LED Lighting Company)
https://trancteur.com/ (Freelance Translator)
https://nooflow.com/ (Drug product website - UK Based company launched a new product)
http://www.almulhimlaw.com (Law Firm)
http://www.taskasistant.com (Freelancer Marketplace)
http://www.petrarecruitment.com (Recruitment Company Job Portal)
http://www.gsg.sa (Sports Event Organizer Company)
http://www.panoramastudio.com.sa (Photography and videography studio)
http://www.techpioneers.net (IT Company)
http://mikrofoon.com (Online Magazine)
http://mzlawyers.com (Law Firm)
https://merakiksa.com/ (Event Organizer)
http://www.techs.com.sa (IT Company)
https://www.sajaenergy.com (Oil and Gas company)
https://www.cperfection.com (Freelance Copywriter)
http://www.fj.sa (Luxury Watches and Jewelry Store)
http://www.hawaz.com.sa (IT company in Riyadh)
http://www.stbcit.com.sa (IT company in Riyadh)

and more unique and interesting projects under development...
My projects are 100% responsive (Compatible with mobiles, tablets and iMacs), Dynamic(Changeable Content) and cross browser compatible (Works perfect of every browser).
I'm capable of handling front-end design and back-end development of web, whether if it is a simple HTML5 Website or a complex Web Application.
I work for all size of companies from small local businesses right up to huge brands. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where I come in!

Noman Khalid
[email protected]