EUR 1 / Mermaid Ariel Custom Pins No Minimum

Mermaid Ariel Custom Pins No Minimum is one of Disney princess, the one who become a human from mermaid, she has a very beautiful red hair. If you saw this movie, you will know Ariel is brave girl who purse her happiness dream. So when you saw this lapel pin, it reminds you of brave, kindness and dream and make you wanna be a dream catcher. The lapel pin is good gift for the person who like Disney movie.

The lapel pin is hard enamel pin, so the color will never lose. And in this style, the princess will be more pretty on lapel pin. We also have other princess if you want.

You can order each princess with small quantities if you want, since our company support Lapel Pins No Minimum.

Size: 2"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style: Hard Enamel Pins

Finish: Black nickel Finish

Attachments: Rubber cap

Packaging: Individual Polybag

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Vienna, Collectibles, EUR 1 / Mermaid Ariel Custom Pins No Minimum