Deal directly with your Professional Certified Auditing in Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism for your business.
VAT,Levy services and Tam keen Support
Day to day accounting and internal auditing up to finalization

We offer full accounting and auditing job. Reports as per Bahrain Laws.

Reports includes Receivables, Payable s, Cash Flow Management, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet .

Daily/ Weekly/Monthly for Accounting Services

• Full range of Bookkeeping & Accounting
• Prepare monthly financial statement (Income statement & Balance sheet)
• Weekly/ monthly reports (Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, payments & receipts)
• Weekly or monthly Bank reconciliation

Benefits of Outsourcing -

High quality deliverable - on time and within your budget.
A team with vast knowledge of the Middle East market & regulations.
Spend less time hiring, training and managing an accounts department.
Combining Expertise, Professional and High Quality Services
Get Start to Explore your Business with our Accounting Experts Services!

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