SAR 175 / Philips Home Compressor Nebulizer system

I am Selling Philips Nebulizer system at SAR 170. Its used hardly 4 to 5 times. Almost new in very good condition.


Robust handle and Nebulizer holder

Robust handle for easy transport and a Nebulizer holder for extra stability while filling the cup or during rest.
Reliable, robust design for consistent high quality aerosol delivery

InnoSpire Deluxe partners with SideStream nebulizers to provide fast and efficient drug delivery. SideStream nebulizers feature an active venturi system that provides air flow in addition to that supplied by the compressor, resulting in improved drug delivery and more effective treatment times.
Storage space for accessories such as Nebulizer, mask, medications and power cord

InnoSpire Deluxe is designed to include a convenient storage compartment to hold extra medicine or Nebulizer supplies. The attached power cord tucks neatly into the storage area and a sturdy handle makes it easy to carry. It is covered by a 3-year warranty and is compliant with the international basic safety and essential performance standard IEC 60601-1 third edition and its amendments
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