Black is the favourite colours of almost all the individuals and surprisingly you can buy the outdoor lights in your favourite colour as well. If you are looking for some elegant and better outdoor lighting products then you can buy Black LED Flood Lights that along with making the place look more ambient will also reduce the electricity bills greatly. Install these 300W Black LED Flood Lights at the outdoor commercial places and replace those traditional incandescent, halogen and CFL lights that consumes much more energy as compared to these LEDs.

Benefits of using 300W Black LED Flood Lights are as follows:

• These black coloured 300W LED Flood Lights can be installed easily and quickly with an option to install them either by yoke mounting method or by knuckle mounting method as well.
• The colour Temperature of these flood lights is 5700k that offers natural day white light thus making the nights more visible and protected.
• The Lumen Output of these flood lights is 40521 lumens and they are a replacement to the 1000w of MH lights to make more savings.
• All these lights are IP65 rated lights and are capable to withstand harsh weather condition as well, they are mostly prepared for lighting the warehouses established at the colder places.
• Get 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty as well that will surely give you a delight-full lighting experience and that too for using these lights that can work for at least 50,000 hours or more than that as well.

So install these DLC approved 300W Black LED Flood Lights at the outdoor places of your homes or at the commercial or industrial places as well, where the lighting quality can be kept on stake.

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