Brand New - 550SAR Toilet Seat for elderly or overweight... Big John Model 3W

I purchased 2 of these seats for my mother and have only used 1, which remains in the packaging.

These seats are ideal for those who are overweight and need an additional few inches of height...

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Product Description

•Big John Open Front 1200 Lb. Capacity Toilet Seat With Cover, White

•2-1/2 In. rise

•The product is manufactured in United States

•Strong and durable - injection molded of high-impact, chemically resistant ABS plastic

•Larger more luxuriously contoured sitting surface - 19-Inch wide from side to side

•Stainless steel hinges provide unbreakable strength

•Large stabalizing rubber bumpers that grip the bowl to minimize any shifting and is 2-Inch higher than standard toilet seat

•Simple to install - only requires a wrench or pliers