Assalam o alaikum

We are providing home made food on monthly basis with delivery.. 
the food is made specially for Pakistani and Indian ppl home made roti, 
If u r interested kindly contact on 0508537180 

1st December, sunday: damka qeema daal and roti

2nd December,Monday:chicken achaar sabzi roti and rice

3rd December,tuesdsy:seekh kabab bengan masala and roti

4th December,Wednesday:mutton qorma daal roti and rice
5th December, Thursday:
Shami kabab sabzi and roti

6th December, Friday: biryani raita and meetha.

7th December: Saturday: murgh chana, and roti

8th December, Sunday:aalo meethi qeema daal and roti

9th December, monday:chicken handi daal and roti

10th December, Tuesday chapli kabab curry pakora roti and rice 

11th December,Wednesday chicken jalfarezi daal and roti

12th December, Thursday:turai gosht daal and roti

13th December, friday: biryani raita and meetha

14th December,Saturday:paya roti

15th December, Sunday:egg qorma daal and roti

16th December, monday:fish fry sabzi and roti

17th December, Tuesday:kofta curry daal roti and rice

18th December,Wednesday:mughlai chicken daal and roti

19th December, Thursday: broast sabzi and roti

20th December,Friday: biryani raita and meetha

21st December, Saturday:mutton nihari and roti

22nd December, Sunday:cutles daalnand roti

23rd December, monday:koila karahi daal and roti.

24th december, Tuesday:palak gosht daal and roti

25th December, Wednesday:chapli kabab mix sabzi and roti

26th December, Thursday:qeema alo matar daal and roti

27th December, Friday: biryani raita and meetha

28th December, Saturday:chicken nihari and roti

29th December, Sunday:white qorma daal roti and rice

30th December,monday:damka qeema daal roti

31st December, Tuesday: green chicken gravy, sabzi or daal and roti