System Design and Technical Services Consultant

- Equipment Requirement's Solution in Audio Visual and Security System
- Installation Material Requirement's Estimate
- System Design: Auto Cad, Drawing Layout, Single Line Diagram, Installation Cabling Layout

Implementation Consultant;
- Installation Supervision and Support
- Implementation Support
- Manpower Outsourcing

Other Outsourcing;
- Electrical
- Building Renovation
- Painting
- Civil Works
- Pest Control

Other Services;
- Operation and Maintenance
- Preventive and Maintenance
- Troubleshooting and repair
- Cabling, Trunking, Cable Tray and other's

Consultancy Services Costs;
- System Design - Monthly Costs negotiable for operating expenses
- Other services as per by requirement’s

For Inquiries, please message at the Email Contact Form.

Thank you

Jeddah, Construction, System Design and Technical Services Consultant