Our homes are the places where we relax after a long day tiring and thus want to have a nice ambiance so that we can relax in a more comfortable way, especially after a day-long tiring. The lighting we choose to use in our homes play a significant role in enhancing our moods and without thinking for the second time, we can use LED lights that can help in creating a favorable atmosphere to relax.

Among many available LED lights, you can use Single-Ended Power T8 4ft LED Tube Light that requires only 18 watts of power to provide 2500 lumens.

Advantages of using Single-Ended Power T8 4ft LED Tube are as follows:

• You can use these LED lights without ballast only and you can replace the existing 40 watts fluorescent light with this tube that uses only 18 watts of power to produce a maximum glow.

• This tube has received all the necessary approvals including UL, DLC, CE, and ROHS and is being preferred as the brightest tube providing maximum lighting.

• With the lumen output of 2500 lumens and Color, the temperature is 5000K these single-ended tubes are the perfect replacement to the traditional tubes.

• Get these DLC certificated tubes that come with 5 years warranty from the manufacturer’s end as well.

• In addition, get 30 days free return on buying these lights from LEDMYplace.ca

So this time don’t on the lighting quality at all and use this eco-friendly and energy-efficient T8 4ft LED Tube rather than wasting your hard-earned on buying those traditional tubes that require more energy to produce polluted light rays.

For More Info:- https://ledmyplace.ca/products/t8-4ft-18w-2rowled-tube-5000k-clear-2500-lumens
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