Abu Dhabi Port has become increasingly emerging centers on trade and logistics maps which operate locally and internationally. Since it goes through a period of development, the company is providing exciting opportunities to those who are willing to be part of a dynamic organization which is constantly moving forward.

Abu Dhabi port work to promote an environment where their employees can grow and prosper through innovation, development, and engagement.
Job seekers have unique opportunities to explore exciting and challenging careers as they go through extensive training and skill development programs that broaden their potential and enable them to reach new heights in their career. Abu Dhabi port completes all levels for the most experienced candidates from secondary and high school graduates. Therefore, Abu Dhabi port has established a large number of programs that are ready to meet your career goals.

Abu Dhabi port formally forms Abu Dhabi Port Company. In March 2006, Emery Decree No. (6) Was established as a master developer of ports and industrial area in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi ports were formed in the Emirates as part of the restructuring of the commercial port area, and control and regulatory enforcement power were provided to all commercial port properties owned by Abu Dhabi Port Authority (ADSA). The Khalifa port which opened in September 2012, with the development of the Khalifa Industrial Area, is the main achievement of Abu Dhabi ports to date. Through the planning and development of ports and industrial areas, the company is playing an important role in promoting economic development in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is a master developer and manager of ports and industrial areas in Abu Dhabi. It manages eleven commercial, logistics, community and leisure ports, including its major deep-water Khalifa port. It is also developing Qizad. Located near the Khalifa port, Kizad offers a range of logistics and manufacturing investors and it is set to grow in one of the world's largest industrial areas. By 2030, Khalifa port and Kizad are expected to contribute 15% of the emirate's non-oil GDP. The first phase of this megaproject shows the investment of AED 26.5 billion and it has been described as "the most important project" in Abu Dhabi's economy.

Abu Dhabi Port Looking For Below Position on Urgent Basis

Project Engineer
Admin Assistant
Admin Officer
Procurement Officer
IT Professional
Facility Management Supervisor
Senior Project Manager
Area Construction Manager
Accounts Officer
Tug Master
Contract Specialist
Fleet Supervisor
Business Excellence Specialist
Business Excellence Expert
Document Controller
Developer HR - Resourcing
Senior Administrator
Manager - Corporate Finance
Senior Construction HSE Officer
Construction Supervisor

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