Cat boarding for your little furballs


My wife and I are offering cat boarding services at our home. We currently have 4 cats of our own, so your cats would have company, and ample toys and a scratching post. We also have 2 extra rooms if your cats would prefer to be alone, and still have a lot of space to move about. Our cats are very loved, and we would give your cat nothing but love as well.

We have the following 2 rules:
1. All male cats need to be neutered, as we have 3 females that are not spayed.
2. All cats need to be well kept, and clean, as we are very particular about cleanliness.

There are 2 options for the car boarding.
1: 20 riyals per cat per day if you bring your cat's litter box, with their litter, food and water bowls, along with food for the required boarding time.

2: 50 riyals per day if you just drop the cat off and we provide the litter box, litter, food and water bowls with food and water.

Families of 4 or more cats can be discounted, based on the number.

Kind Regards

Contact number: 056 289 5339