The company was formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK in 1945 to manufacture air tools for use by the Motor Trade and Aircraft Industry.

All Saws are Atex certified, (CE EX II 2G T5 X), reliable, fast cutting with a long working life; With low vibration, allowing unrestricted use under most conditions. Low air consumption – only 0.116 to 0.168m3/min (4-5 ¾ C.f.m.) much lower than any vaned Air Saw. Our saws are easy and inexpensive to repair.

Our saws are used for cutting every type of metal and composites in a wide range of industries including:

Offshore Oil Rigs
Petrochemical Refineries
Luxury Yacht Manufacture
Wooden Pallet Repair
Bus and Specialist Vehicle Manufacturing
Vehicle Adaptations and Conversions
Ship Maintenance

our PL905 Cuts metal pipe, Sections, Bolts, Conduit, Cable and GRP.

A low vibration, fast cutting saw. Ideal for cutting heavy section G.R.P. and Metal up to 50mm thick.