Sable Hunting is an exciting trophy in south africa. Every true hunter who saw a sable antelope will agree that a sable hunting is a fantastic trophy to hunt. The sables are found in large number in our hunting areas because of there population. This is especially prevalent in particular trophies such as sable hunting. As one of the most dangerous antelopes that are known for even killing big cats during the confrontation, hunting for sables is not for the faint of heart. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that our guests are always secured by accompanied safety measures even while they chase sables out in the open.

If you want to go for a sable hunting safari, without a doubt it is a most impressive trophy at african safari. Sable trophy quality is considered by the color of the skin of antelope solid black color sable are more exciting trophy as compare to brown color. Sables are haunted wildlife animals in Zimbabwe, Free State, Eastern Cape, and Limpopo, having larger shoulders than hindquarters with long sweeping scimitar-like horns.

Sable hunting always an exciting trophy game for real hunters. Ikhulu Safaris offers you the best sable antelope hunting in south africa. Our hunting farms have big breeding herds sables, because of their population in eastern cape and limpopo province. Sable antelopes are large species having long horns and very aggressive. Ikhulu safaris arrange everything for you with the living facility in all our hunting areas.

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