Ikhulu Safaris provide unique african safari experience to clients and make sure to complete their hunting dreams true. We offer hunting services in both amazing hunting areas of south africa, limpopo and eastern cape. Ikhulu is to be a great stop for you, we arrange everything for you like african safari visit, pickup from the airport and also have luxury lodges with all latest living facilities nearby all our hunting farms. Our hunting experts always with you and properly guide you while hunting.

We running Ikhulu African Safaris for many years and make sure to help our clients hunting dreams come true. If you want to enjoy African Safaris, Ikhulu would prove to be a great stop for you. We also focus on your safety with care about your enjoyment. This mix of freedom and safety measures ensures that our guests are both happy and safe at our farms, and even at other locations and ranches that they visit with us.

Ikhulu Safaris is based in limpopo and eastern cape of south africa having two hunting areas in the eastern cape of about 2500 acre each, while in Limpopo our hunting area covers 8600 acres. We can arrange everything our clients like safari visit, with living facilities in well establish lodges and our hunting experts will always with you during hunting and guide you properly.

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