Are you looking for Pet Sitter ? Why not contact me

Are you going on a holiday or another city to visit someone ? so why not contact me, your Parrot will feel at home with me & my wife during your absence and will be cared for just like it was our pet. You will just have to provide his food.

I give home environment with utmost love and care as I am Parrot lover and have experince of all size parrots especially Macaws. With us your bird won’t be confined in cages only, like at Vet boarding/pet shops where pets are kept in a small cages for all day. I keep pets open in house, under supervision, so they can roam around, play, as my home is Bird proof, locked fences in all glass windows/doors.

While you are away, we will be updating you with pictures/videos of your pets as well. You need to drop your pet yourself and discuss the behavior and eating habits of your pet with me, so your buddy can be dealt accordingly :)

Note: I don't accept such animals that can be predator to Parrots like Dogs, Cats etc..

You can contact or WhtsApp anytime on my mobile number ‪0561166324‬.