Want to Migrate to Mexico
Mexico is one of the best Countries to migrate to.
It is a great Country for Business as well as to start a new life
And we have the most beautiful girls as well as beaches in the world
So, if you are interested, please contact us.
We will bring you to Mexico, on a work permit. And once you get to Mexico, you are on your own.
There is no risk involve, because you do not have to pay us anything upfront at all.
You pay our fees once you pick up your work visa from the nearest Mexican Consulate.
Because if you do not pay us, your visa would be canceled.
Our fee is 2500 USD per person.
It is also important to follow our instructions precisely, because we will bring you into Mexican as worker for a specific Company, and we will train you, on how to answer questions in case you get interviewed.
So please, if you are interested, download WHATSAPP in your phone, and add us to your contact list : Phone number : +(52)(1) 55 2545 6360 or you could call us directly (Do not worry about the time difference between you and Mexico, just call please. We are open 24/7)
And, here is our email: [email protected] (ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRES PLEASE)
Sincerely Michael
English became the second official language in Mexico since 2015, so you do not have to be a Spanish speaker. But it is always good to learn Spanish. And we could also put you in an intensive Course when you get here.