Plains Game Hunting Packages

South Africa is the primary place for hunters and plains game hunting is the most exciting trophy game. The population of wildlife animals in south africa is more than any other place of the globe. In south africa, if you are looking plains game hunting packages, Ikhulu Safaris offers you the best hunting service. We have two hunting destinations in southern Africa, first is Eastern Cape and second is Limpopo, both are rich in wildlife species and also most visiting hunting areas. In Limpopo, you will find impala, sable, and kudu and in eastern cape, you will find white, black and copper springbok, cape, sable.

Plains game hunting have great value in south africa, which is easily affordable. Variety of animals, exciting hunting, spectacular people, the landscape and the experience, all these things can't put a price tag on. Ikhulu Safaris makes your plains game hunting dreams come true with affordable packages in both out hunting destinations and accommodation in our lodges and many more things to do.

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