South African Hunting Safaris with Ikhulu

Are you interesting for south african hunting safaris, then finally it is the right time to become this reality? Every true hunter has dreamed about South African hunting safaris, we are here to provide a perfectly customized to make your trip as perfect as possible. We always keep safety in mind during hunting. Our Eastern Cape and Limpopo hunting areas comprise of well over 10,000 acres and while you can hunt for various trophies, we always ensure safety first in mind. We offer a variety of african hunting packages, like honeymoon hunts, collector hunts, family hunts, business trips, and much more.

Ikhulu Safaris is a famous safari operator for many years in south africa, we can ensure you to get the best south african hunting safaris possible. We offer sable hunting, big five hunting, dangerous and plains game hunting packages at very reasonable prices. Our hunting farms are located in eastern cape and limpopo province where the population of various wildlife animals is more as compared to other hunting areas in south africa. With Ikhulu Whether you choose limpopo or eastern cape to visit, we assured that you will experience an amazing trip. We have living facilities with luxury lodges where you can rest, take fresh food also have swimming pool and wifi with a comfortable and beautiful environment. There’s no reason to delay any longer… get your blood pumping and finally go after that trophy once and for all.

We provide South African Hunting Safaris You Can Afford, you get a virtual ton of features for one low price. From pick up from airport partnering with a professional tracker, license, accommodations, hunter, meals, drinks, vehicle, and so much more in-between, we cover every aspect to ensure that your South African hunting safaris are top class. We also offer luxury accommodation near both our hunting areas in limpopo and eastern cape.

South African Hunting Safaris Outfitters, Professional Hunter and our dedicated team of caring professionals welcome you to African Safaris. We established Ikhulu Safaris to share our passion for nature, land, and hunt. We have a team of experienced professional hunters, always ready to guide you on your south african hunting safaris. We make your hunt memorable with good quality trophies with living facilities in our multiple lodges.

Ikhulu Safaris invite you on unforgettable hunting safaris in South Africa. We have multiple hunting areas in Eastern Cape and Limpopo which are safe and malaria-free. We welcome you to experience the thrill of the hunt by day and then feast on delicious, traditional South African cuisine around the fire under the evening stars. We have broad-spectrum professionalism, many years of hunting experience and a variety of hunting areas and species with a large number of population.

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