59 - Seeking Matrimonial alliance for our single Dentist daughter - Most urgent proposal....

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

We are Sunni Muslim parent based in Riyadh seeking matrimonial alliance for our single daughter, a qualified Dentist.

Details are:
Islam orientation: Sunni Muslim
Month & Year of birth: January'1991
Education & Qualifications: B D S
Schooling completed from International Indian School, Riyadh
Profession: General Dentist
Height: 5' 4"
Complexion: Fair with beautiful features
Type: Slim
Ethnicity: Indian
Other details can be shared during process of meeting in Sha Allah

Requirement Of would be Groom :
Qualification : Any Professional Post Graduate Engineer or Doctor or Chartered Accontant
Age : Between 29 – 32 years
Height : 5'9" to 6'2"
Complexion : Fair
Marital Status : Never Married
Ethnicity: Indian
Well settled in Saudi Arabia or Abroad…..

We have raised our children in the best modest behavior and Islamic teachings to the best of our responsibilities. She is an easy-going person with positive approach, simple, soft spoken, respect elderly persons, lovely and kind with children, educated with a right mix of modern and traditional cultures. She is a practicing Hijabi muslimah, reading Quran& follows Hadeeth, keeping away from shirk & bidaa’th from day to day life.

In sha Allah, we prefer early Marriage either in Saudi Arabia or Hyderabad.

Genuine Interested educated Sunni Muslim serious parents can share their Son's profile together with latest simple pics in Sha Allah through email or WhatsApp using below given numbers.

Call / WhatsApp : 00966 573371912 & 0091 6281526690
Email : [email protected]

Jazakallahu Khairen....