🔺Name of Girl: xyz
🔺Age: 29
🔺Caste: Mughal
🔺Sect: Sunni
🔺Height: 5'5 (tall and fair)
🔺Qualifications: Bachelors in commerce
🔺Details of job: Working as a computer professional in a hospital in KSA
🔺Previous marriage: Never married/never engaged
🔺Parents's detail: Father got retired from the government job and mother is a homemaker in KSA
🔺Siblings: 5 - Elder brother is an Architect draftsman in KSA and younger one is relocating to canada this year.
🔺Area of Residence: Born and brought up in KSA.
Whole family is settled in KSA since mid 90's but own two HOUSES already in Pak (1 kanal) and a 1kanal plot as a property.
🔺Demand: Non-materialistic people preferably from ksa or dubai only for an easy interaction. (Proposals from UK, USA or Australia are not accepted due to distance factor)

Simple and decent family.

Note: Only Punjabis - No preference for Jutts, Gujjars, Chaudhrys, Pathans, Rajas, or people from Karachi or Hyderabad.

🔺Contact number: +966577635180 whatsapp only.