Redesign your House Interiors! Today!

You have always wanted to surprise your child with a brand new bedroom for their birthday?
Or like 84% of people out there, a bedroom of your dreams still remains a distant dream.

All of this is closer than ever before!

I'm Ali and I love to create, design and reinvent spaces. I'm a registered architect at the Saudi Council of Engineers and can do it professionally.

So I'm here to (re)design for you the places you're most passionate about. Let your home be a reflection of you.

I'm offering my expertise at the most affordable rates. If you'd like a do-over for your home, reach out to me at 053 940 3656 and I'd be happy to help.

Remember Churchill's saying, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

Let your house shape for the better and add a bit more life to the spaces you live your life in.

NB: Rates DO NOT include building material, furniture & fittings and labor costs.