33 - Looking for educated and intelligent lady

Highly educated 33y/o investment professional at senior position in Riyadh. I'm Lahori at heart, fitness, food and nutrition enthusiast, travel internationally, strong confident personality. I DO NOT believe in JAHEZ, zaat or racism. Very religious and open-minded, high tolerance level, cool tempered and respectful.

Looking for a lady, from any background, who want to pursue her dreams eg. study, career, passion or ambition and live life to the fullest with my FULL support, responsibility and respect. Who can communicate with me intellectually, travel around the world, try different cuisines, learn new things etc.

This would be my 2nd marriage because of intellectual compatibility I am looking for.

Single or even divorced, widow with kids can discuss.

I'll try to provide full confidence and security to parents,lady as much possible as I'm seeking sincere marriage, nothing hidden.

Note: Those against 2nd marriage even after ALLAH allowed it may simply not contact.